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KAF18500 wrote:

Give 2 weeks. Although the the rise of R&D, component change and production have increased in the last 6 months, the current launch price is above the range. Internal discussion is going on. Please wait.

There are no takes for (1) even if bundled with 3 lens?

I think Sigma managenment is completely divorced from reality to think that so many people just have $10,000 extra cash in their bank account. Maybe they don't realize the world is experiencing economic problems at the moment. Also to think their camera is actually that good when it is missing so many features that are common on other much less expensive dlsrs.

Sigma doesn't seem to realize a lot of our anger is that we've had to put up with poorly made and designed SD bodies for so many years that didn't work properly half the time. So the SD1 was to be the reward for our patience in putting up with so many bad cameras over the years. Now that reward has been taken away from us. All our waiting has been in vain. So of course we are angry. Sigma laughs at out loyality and calls us fools for waiting all these years for a good camera body that actually works correctly.

But now we are tired of waiting. Without a good affordable camera body that we have earned by our patience we will not only refuse to buy an overpriced one but will quit Sigma all together--in all other mounts included. If I decide to buy a Canon body then I'll buy Canon lenses, if Nikon then Nikon lenses, etc.--no more Sigma ever .

So not only has Sigma lost thousands of new customers with all their future lens purchases but will have lost thousands of old customers who out of anger at being betrayed will refuse to ever buy any Sigma product again. This does seem to me to be a very intelligent marketing strategy, but maybe Sigma is so rich that losing 30,000 lens purchases over the next few years, which selling 10,000 economically priced SD1s would have generated, means nothing to them.

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