Time for OM-D(igital) is now

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Re: that's . .

been tried, but i just didn't enjoy using the 5d.....so i've kept using the nice OM bodies with B/W film for my own personal projects. So I'm not missing out. Personally i think the OP would be a hit, but I don't think it will happen.


esco wrote:

and you can use all of your lenses today. Seriously man, no need to wait for any empty promises or far fetched ideas. This brand loyalty thing shouldn't stand in the way of your happyness or needs!

dab1 wrote:

where do i sign for it. The OM is still the nicest and best handling camera i have enjoyed using. And would love to use the raft of OM lenses back on their intended FOV on a compact digital body with FF sensor.....if only!

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