What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

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Re: What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

And if you are just making money you can call yourself the same thing as the plumber, the maid, the bus driver, a waiter, the grocery clerk - some person with a job.

Whoopy do.

Back to the main issue. If you license the use of your photographs, you are going to get people asking for free usage. That is the way the world works. My response is often simply to thank them for their interest in my photography and then to ask for details about their proposed usage so that I can present them with a proposal. From this they can usually tell that I don't give my work away. Either they will then continue the discussion in this new context or I won't hear from them again.

It is rarely worth it to tell off someone who inquires about free usage. Simply be polite, briefly discuss their proposal, and then decline it if it won't work for you. There is little to be gained by antagonizing a potential future paying client. I have had unpromising initial contacts with clients who later wanted to work with me on more lucrative projects.

I would not be interested in the offer the OP received, and I would not consider doing it for free. However, do not completely rule out certain charitable work. I recently donated cost free licences for use in the magazine of a group that I would support financially. It was a win/win. I supported a group I believe in, and my work got some exposure in a market that I care about.


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I suspect that you are right. I recently heard of a wedding photographer who was the wedding photographer of the year in Australia had to take up alternative employment due to the downturn in business.

A classic textbook perfect example of the fact that the best images do not make the most money. The best images make one feel good and they win awards. The best marketing and sales makes money.

And if you're not making money you can call yourself an artist ! LOL

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