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v_ wrote:

sam photo wrote:

...the lower portion of the image is entirely superfluous...the awkward hand position can be cropped to make it a more pleasing composition...

Thanks Sam! She loved the image, so I am done, not gonna worry about it anymore. I just wanted to share how a simple lighting setup can be used.

It is a very nice image and you should be pleased with it, but a few simple changes would have made it even better.

The image would have been better if you had moved the subject further from the background and used a background light that was brighter on the shadow side of the subject and darker on the more brightly lit side. This would have eliminated the problem of the model's left shoulder blending into the background. That is basically the opposite of what you have been able to achieve by only using one light and a reflector.

The model is resting her weight on her left arm. This causes several problems.

You never want a model to rest any weight on a hand, or press it against anything. It is awkward and hard to pose like you have the model posed without putting any weight on the hand, but it is important for them to do it. I always tell a model to believe that if they do anything more than very, very lightly brush anything with their hand, it will break.

The model's right wrist is bent at a 90º bend. It is also wrinkled, but you can't see that in this image. This is actually two no-nos. Avoid 90º bends and wrinkles for better looking images.

The right elbow also bends inward (normal for women but rare for men) because the model is resting her weight on that arm. A better image is obtained when the elbow bends outward, which makes the arm look relaxed. This can also produce a small open area at the waist, which will make the waist look smaller.

The left hand is also flat on to the camera, and closer to the camera than the face. This is two no-nos again. Edge on is always best for a hand. You probably couldn't have managed that with this image, but having the light fall off from the face to the bottom of the image by about 1 stop would have helped make the left hand less prominent and improved the image.

Simple changes, but not always easy to see while taking photos - I know I miss these things too. The only way to get better is to practice more so keep at it.

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