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Re: vote the price

Seems to me the OP has connections (or at least is implying such), which is great. Sometimes I feel that Sigma pays no attention to their user-base.

As for my's tough to say. We need X3F files and SPP5 before we can judge the camera enough to place the price point. Honestly the JPG samples are not as impressive as I thought they'd be, not due to the photographers, but due to IQ issues that hopefully stem from imperfect firmware and lossy JPG compression.

I think the first option (only) would be a hard sell due to so much of the Sigma community already owning a good deal of the better lenses. That said, it would be perfect for an outside pro wanting to give Sigma a shot. Thus, I'd recommend both a kit at a discount and a competitive body-only price. You have to keep in mind that the majority of the current Sigma market are enthusiasts, and don't have the wherewithal or the desire to buy into a $9700 camera.

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