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Re: from 1800 to 2200 USD

As Sigma is a successful producer of lenses, I tend to believe that even if their camera designs are quirky, they do know the basic drill of bringing a product to market. While there can be some cost overruns, products are designed to me a price point; not built and then the numbers crunched to see how much has to be charged. A product that would wind up costing five times the original estimate is the province of government contractors, not successful businesses in the general marketplace. I do not believe Sigma suddenly figured out that they had to charge five times the original target price for the SD1. Nor do I think that they saw what they had come up with, and got greedy and decided that they could get five times more than they originally thought. So if they were originally designing a $8-10K camera, the original $2K rumors should have been squelched to prevent just the sticker shock that is reverberating through the community today.

For the conspiracy theorists, I can only offer that it is being priced to fail. A huge loss is declared and the tax benefits taken.

The only thing that actually does puzzle me, is that Sigma stays silent on the matter. Either correct the pricing if it is an error, or confirm and justify the logic behind the pricing.

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