Should i upgrade from D40 to D5100/D7000?

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Re: Does the D5100 have exposure bracketing ? (nt)

Allan Brown wrote:

It really depends on what you are shooting and why.

I agree.

Changing focus, whether auto or manual, changes the reproduction ratio. This is why you are supposed to focus by moving the camera rather than adjusting the lens.

However, for flowers, bugs etc., in a non scientific application, it really does not matter.

Due to the very limited DOF, using manual focus will enable you to "focus" on a specific part of the object easier than by using auto focus.

DOF does not need to be very limited. This is a choice, not a necessity and is also highly dependent on the depth of the subject. If the user chooses to have a very limited DOF then yes, manual focus will allow for more precise focusing on what the photographer deems important.


Michel F wrote:

I've heard that one time and time again (macro equals manual focus). I have a Nikon 60mm AF-S macro and shoot with auto focus on most of the time with excellent results. I do shoot manual with other macro lenses with excellent results also. With some lenses there is no absolute need to shoot with manual focus all the time.

Chris De Schepper wrote:

I don't think that 3 focus points are ridiculous for macro work, for macro work you better don't use autofocus at all

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