What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

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Stand up and overlook the game

Ok the magazine industry is not going very well for decades and publishers try to cut corners.

A known saying in bussiness is that good bussiness is when all parties benefit from a deal. And this is exactly where we desperate photographers are fooled. A print in their magazine for free would be great promotion for us...Well maybe in the 1970 one photo printed in a well respected magazine could open doors. Today we live in the click and run age, its takes a lot more than 1 photo to boost a career.

We could turn the 'please give me your photo for free it will bring you fortune' around into:

'Please pay my photo it will bring your magazine fortune. It will be an understatement of your healty bussiness being able to pay writers and photographers. And lead to higher quality and thus stronger market position.'

There allways be magazines that deserve free photo material and they are easy to recognize; no advertorials inside.

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