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Started May 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
I don´t want to vote the price...

I want clever, reliable product from reliable company. Sigma has lost it´s credibility some time ago, now they confirmed it. PR and marketing disaster...

After years of slow obsolete cameras and inability to make Foveon sensor usable in low light they trying to compete with medium format! Instead of making current Foveon little better for current waiting customers or one usable clever afordable camera, like Panasonic made GH2 - a true jewel!

If they make lets say 8mpx x 3 Foveon with usable ISO 3200, fast, with full HD video, mirrorless with interchangeable lenses, tell me any high price and I will buy it, because Foveon HD video would be someting exceptional. But who needs to shoot billboards with slow obsolete camera from company, which doesn´t know even the price to request and doesn´t fulfill the promises and logical expectations...

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