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Razor, razorblades...

I disagree Scott. I get those really nice 17-bladed razors in the mail for free. You try them and love them, and then go to the store to buy refills where 4 blade cartridges cost $15...

Frankly, the fail for Sigma here was to not have execute a mapped out strategy (regardless of what that strategy was). If they had never mentioned the sensor or camera until this week and dropped it on us---there'd be lots of raised eyebrows at the price, but not nearly the anger. The issue was the 'unofficial' price from their channels which led everyone to believe an affordable Sigma camera was just on the horizon to put the MP numbers to rest (because it'd be competitive on a MP count basis with current crop cameras). And then multiply the price by 4-5X.

And yes, there's no other reasonable path for an enthusiast at this point. The fact that there's no mention of this means that they've either learned their lesson and are being very quiet until they have a shipping product, or that they don't have a plan for that. Based on this week's issues, my guess would be the latter.

This is a shame, because the camera really looks like it's going to be a winner. Just not at the announced price.

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