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Re: vote the price

To me the price must be 2700 or less.

I place the Sigma SD-1 with these 2:

  • The Nikon D700 (around 2600$) and the futur D800

  • The Canon 5d mark ii (around 2800$) and the futur 5d mark iii

EXCEPT : these 2 cameras offer or will offer nice HD vidéo features...The SD-1 don't.

Personnally my choices were: buy the D800 when it will be out or buy the SD-1.

Right now I'm going for Nikon, but you would have asked me the same
question last week (before this non-sense price) I would have said the SD-1.

I was really hoping to sell all my Nikon lenses and cameras to convert to Sigma...
But I guess I have to rethink my plans.

I'm also the happy owner of : DP1, DP2, SD-9 + many sigma lenses...
And I really felt bretrayed by Sigma when I saw the SD-1 price.

Dominic Lareau

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