D200 vs D5100

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Re: D200 vs D5100

Swedish Hambern wrote:

After checking up with the DXOMark it seems that your numbers are very wrong.

No! as pointed out in another thread these are the total scores, to find The Sensitivity metamerism index you must click on the camera of choice in the sensor rankings at DXOMark, then click on the Color response tab, you will also see graphs of your cameras RGB colour channels.



82: Pentax K-5
80: Nikon D7000
73: Fujifilm FinePix X100
73: Sony SLT Alpha 55
72: Nikon D5000
72: Pentax K-x
70: Nikon D300s
67: Nikon D3100
67: Nikon D300
66: Canon EOS 60D
65: Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro [sic!]
64: Nikon D200
61: Pentax K7
59: Leica M8
50: Nikon D70 [sic!]

Cytokine wrote:


It sounds like the D5100 is the right choice for you. Once the D800 and D400 are out there really is a camera in the Nikon line up for every taste.

And it beats the D300s and the D3 in more than just pixels!

DXOMark Scores for Sensitivity metamerism index (higher = better ability to reproduce accurate colour consistently.

Standard ISO 17321. CIE/D50 (Matching Daylight Source)
D300/D200/D70 = 84
D2Xs D700/D5000 = 83
D3000 = 80
D80/D3x = 79
D7000/D5100 = 78
D3/D300s = 77

ISO 17321-1:2006 specifies colour stimuli, metrology, and test procedures for the colour characterization of a digital still camera (DSC) to be used for photography and graphic technology. Two methods are provided, one using narrow spectral band illumination and the other using a spectrally and colorimetrically calibrated target. Except for a specific set of permitted data operations, these DSC data are raw. International Standards Organisation.

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