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Re: vote the price

Realistically, vote a price here, loud and clear. Enough curses and rants, lets get down to business.

1. Is 9.700 acceptable if it comes bundled with 3 lens made specifically with SD-1 in mind?

No, I stay happy with my lovely DP2s and buy a Leica M9 with two Summicrons for the same price

2. USD 4.800 - body alone

No, I stay happy with my lovely DP2s and buy a 5D Mark II with two or three beautiful Zeiss lenses for the same price.

3. Must be USD 2.700 - body alone.

No, I stay happy with my lovely DP2s. But I consider buying a SD1 with two fine lenses for that price, if IQ turns out to be brilliant.

Please keep in mind (3) would not be financially practical for Sigma, but it is your vote.

I couldn't care less, 'cause Sigma should've sent a message to the community EARLIER.

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