Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

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Re: Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

If you want a superzoom you better stitch to Nex 18-200 one.

Simple reasons:

  • focus speed

  • image stabilization

  • size

  • overall price/performance ratio

Let me explain:

Having a superzoom has advantages, but also drawbacks, first of all is small aperture (most of them at 200 are around F6).

This means you need stabilization, not only to shot sharp, but also to lock the target easily.

You can use every kind of lens with the Nex, but obviously you need an adapter.

All the adapters allow you to use only full manual focus lenses, that means only old lenses (no 18-200) and without stabilization.

The only adapter that can use modern lenses is the one for the Alpha mount, which costs around 150 bucks.

With it you can use Sony (or compatible ones) lenses, but you have a huge obstacle: they are not made for mirrorless contrast focus technology, so focus hunting will take SECONDS and won't guarantee success.

So, putting a Tamron with stabilization on top of a Alpha adapter ends up in a quite high cost and a quite unusable kit.

I'd suggest you to choose other paths, and that's from my similar experience (my background was with the bridge superzoom cameras).

Now I'm using only primes, and only fast ones (if I want a tele I have a 135 F2.8 Olympus, simply gorgeous, sharp, lightweight and inexpensive).

The 18-55 kit zoom is left in the dust..

If you're really fond of superzooms the alternative could be to buy the 18-55 kit and wait 2 weeks for the soon to be announced (3 june) 55-200 stabilized Emount lens, which should cost around 250.

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