Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

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Re: Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

Herts_JoaTMoN wrote:

Been looking forward to the new NEX lenses for a while now, but having recently come back from holiday, I can see the benefit of having a superzoom. But at £700 it is an expensive lens and at the 200 end id like to be shooting some more action shots and animals/ birds etc. Not sure if the NEX is up to the job as I fear it wont be able to keep up.

I agree with that assessment; although I haven't used the 18-200, I doubt it's faster than the 18-55. A faster NEX may be out at some point, but how long can you hold your breath ? What if the next model isn't fast enough, do you keep waiting ?

This got me thinking that maybe I should get a second camera now that im getting more serious about my photography. With the a77 on the horizon, I could get that (not seen estimated prices yet, £700 body only??). I dont see the a55 as enough of an improvement over the NEX to warrent investment.

What kind of improvement are you looking for ? You mentioned "keeping up". The A55 will blow the doors off of the NEX. It's a very responsive camera. The A77 may prove more so, at a rumored price of only $250 more, and ought to feature a much improved EVF. The other thing you want to consider is just how responsive the super zooms are. A DSLR with the right lens will definitely handle wildlife; I don't really have any idea how good the super zooms are in that regard.

Id keep the NEX as my daily carry around camera with the 18-55. Also use it for landscape work and out on my bike with the 16 and sometimes with the 12mm adaptor. And use the a77 for days when i want to do some more serious shooting.

At one point I got to dreaming about doing more & more with the NEX and less & less with my DSLR, but the more I use the NEX, the more I prefer my DSLR. The NEX if much handier and still the "grab & go" choice, but I expect to own a modest lens lineup for it, and continued reliance on the DSLR for more than just sports.

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