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Re: vote the price

I think you need to realize what the contender of this camera in the marketplace is. In my opinion it is the Canon 5D MKII and upcoming 30MP 5D MKII, I'll explain why :

46MP resolution is rarely needed in client/budget situations which do not allow for MF. So we’re talking catalogue, editorial, work for companies who don’t advertise on Billboards, all the ‘below the line’ stuff’ … for all the big ‘above the line’ stuff it’s going to be MF anyhow for many reasons : rentals, quality, reliability, prestige, more resolution, true studio workhorses (with Liveview, I don't understand how you missed out on that one, indispensable for studio work), better quality of lenses, corner sharpness etc etc etc.

So if you want it or not you're not going to penetrate the MF market.

Which leaves you stuck in direct competiton with the Canon 5D MKII, with a realistic 'added value' sales argument of better image quality and 46MP which could seduce many 5DMKII users to make the switch and go through the hassle to sell their current lineup and lenses.

So it's C, sorry guys.

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