Strange combo: NX100 + EA-OVF1 (TL500/EX1)

Started May 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Strange combo: NX100 + EA-OVF1 (TL500/EX1)

Hi all,

I am a new member of this Forum. I am considering to buy a NX100 in the next two weeks now that there are a lot of nice offers and kits. I have a good opportunity to get the basic kit (NX100 + 20-50mm) plus an external flash (GN20, who seems to be great for my purposes) and a finder.

Here is where I need your help or comments. They can't offer me the electronic viewfinder EVF10 (specially designed for the NX100) but they will include in the kit the EA-OVF1 (an optical viewfinder designed for the TL500/EX1 system).

I just wonder if any of you have already tried this combo "NX100 + EA-OVF1" and if you can make any comment about it. I guess that it might suit well on the NX100's hot shoe, but I am not sure about its functionality.

I didn't hear great comments abut the EVF10, but at least this device was designed for the NX100.

Anyway, I might buy the kit, and then try to sell the EA-OVF1 to a TL500/EX1's user. Then, I might try to buy the EVF10 or even wait for Samsung to develop a newer and better electronic viewfinder (EVF20).

I would appreciate any comment about the EA-OVF1, the EVF10, the compatibility with NX100, and even any comment about the GN20.

I think I have a good offer now:

NX100 + 20-50mm + GN20 + EA-OVF1 = 560$ - 400€

I am just waiting to hear more info about the finders. Also I have asked them to give me a new offer with some other lenses included in the kit (as the 50-200mm or the 30mm).

Thanks, and best regards!!

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