D200 vs D5100

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Re: D200 vs D5100

After checking up with the DXOMark it seems that your numbers are very wrong. These are the correct scores:

82: Pentax K-5
80: Nikon D7000
73: Fujifilm FinePix X100
73: Sony SLT Alpha 55
72: Nikon D5000
72: Pentax K-x
70: Nikon D300s
67: Nikon D3100
67: Nikon D300
66: Canon EOS 60D
65: Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro [sic!]
64: Nikon D200
61: Pentax K7
59: Leica M8
50: Nikon D70 [sic!]

Cytokine wrote:


It sounds like the D5100 is the right choice for you. Once the D800 and D400 are out there really is a camera in the Nikon line up for every taste.

And it beats the D300s and the D3 in more than just pixels!

DXOMark Scores for Sensitivity metamerism index (higher = better ability to reproduce accurate colour consistently.

Standard ISO 17321. CIE/D50 (Matching Daylight Source)
D300/D200/D70 = 84
D2Xs D700/D5000 = 83
D3000 = 80
D80/D3x = 79
D7000/D5100 = 78
D3/D300s = 77

ISO 17321-1:2006 specifies colour stimuli, metrology, and test procedures for the colour characterization of a digital still camera (DSC) to be used for photography and graphic technology. Two methods are provided, one using narrow spectral band illumination and the other using a spectrally and colorimetrically calibrated target. Except for a specific set of permitted data operations, these DSC data are raw. International Standards Organisation.

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