What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

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Re: What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

Ok, then 'splain me this...

If you have a successful business for 20+ years - lots of customers for wom and to market to, an established name/reputation, main street location, workflow and systems in place and all that - why suddenly are you going out of business?

We can debate digital and MWACS and the like, but if we opened a hamburger stand next to McDonalds we'd never be able to put them out of business.

And if you've been in biz for decades recessions and changing styles and all that is something you've weathered before, right? And with a studio and sets and props and PPA masters degrees you can make images I can only hope to make, in a space I"ll never own. And there's a good chance other than rent and utitlies everything is paid for.

So with all these things on your side, why are you closing the studio, getting a day job or changing to a shoot on location only scheme? When I ask I'm told there's not enough money coming in the door.

Not enough? To talk with them more their is lots coming in - just a lot less than they've grown accustomed to having. $150k instead of $250k. And their cost structure is built around that 250k figure.

Perfectly understandable, and it's not as if their prices are high or they're doing something magical. The ones hurt most seem to be the ones that shot a lot of weddings - at $3500-5000 a pop they'd do 20 a year and now perhaps do 5 to 7 and probably charge half as much. Yes, styles change and such but they've seen it before.

So yeah, I think they were used to a lot of money rolling in the door - be that 'a lot' or just a lot more than now.
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