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Another vote for Pacsafe 100

I agree. I wrote about this bag earlier in the thread however no-one seemed to pick up on it. I am currently travelling in India/Thailand with nex and this bag (lots of photos and reports on the experience coming soon). The bag is great. The steel reinforcement is very reassuring here. The bag can take Nex with lens plus one or two extra lenses and battery plus my passport. Three lenses is a bit of a squeeze however. If required, ther4e is a bigger version available of this bag.

A secret to its small size, yet reasonable accommodation, is the shape. The tapered sides allow the camera to stand on edge in the centre but the taper allows the lens to be fitted pointing to the end of the bag, so while things fit, there is no wasted space and the whole deal is very compact. A padlock allows the steel reinforced waist band and all zippers to be secured closed ( if you don't want to bother with this, the catch for the waist band is hidden inside a cover which makes it virtually impossible to undo any way.

In India, security is now everywhere and I found I had to constantly take the bag off for checking. A mini carabiner type catch has replaced the padlock on mine to make security access much faster.
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