The latest on D7000 skin tones?

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Re: The latest on D7000 skin tones?

Thanks for good input. Especially that thing about metamerism index. I didn't know about that one. Worth thinking about.

I've now looked into that D3100 and it accually DOES seem to produce better skin tones than D7000. Looking at the dpreview test-photos I've noticed that you can accually see this phenomenon on the Mickey Mouse red pants. The more natural red pants, the better skin tones. Judging from those i get these results:

Sony A55 = Too smudged
Nikon D7000/D5100 = Really unnatural color tones
Nikon D5000 = Really good
Nikon D3100 = Unnatural but a tiny notch better than D7000/D5100
Nikon D300s = Really good
Nikon D3 = Really natural, close to perfection
Nikon D3s = Not as good as D300s but not as bad as D7000/D5100 either
Canon 60D = Really good, though a tad purple
Canon 7D = Really good
Pentax K5 = Too purple and also smudged
Pentax K7 = Too purple but not as smudged

According to my very subjective analysis they rank up like this...

1. Nikon D3
2. Canon 7D
3. Nikon D5000
4. Nikon D300s
5. Nikon D3100
6. Canon 60D
7. Nikon D3s
8. Nikon D7000/D5100
9. Sony A55
10. Pentax K7
11. Pentax K5

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