Canon - Full-color sensor. When?

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Does not follow

Raist3d wrote:

Well Kendall thanks for clarifying but if the op mentions there will be competition soon and you do reply with yes, it's called an sd1 with a price drop then it necessarily follows not only that you do expect an sd1 price drop but that you expect one soon?

No, that only means that for competition to be present the SD-1 price must drop.

I mean, at least from what's written.

Read it again, it works as is. Good writing doesn't have to be clear, and can have dual meanings.

As for Canon, yes, it's a bit of faith to think they won't use their patent.  I am not saying they will but to say they won't categorically
Strikes me a

Bit faithful.  Canon. Like all these companies is in the business of making cash. If they have a good sensor with that given they already manufacture their own for their high end why would they hold back?

Because I know large companies and I know the people at Canon making the current sensor would have none of this alien approach. It requires no faith, just an understanding of a corporate mindset. Actually if it were Nikon we were talking about, I would not be as certain as they seem willing to be be more experimental, but Canon has been very conservative.

it's market share way from nikon. I understand there are other reasons that may make then hold but it's the categorical assumption made by what I read that strikes me a bit faithful.

Faith is the wrong word though, it's really more of a prediction based on available data. It's far more probability based on what we know than anything.

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