For those that wish to pre-buy for the M mount module

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For those that wish to pre-buy for the M mount module

This is a paraphrase of a posting made on the Samsung forum with suitable alterations:

The LTM Industar 22, 26M & 50 seem to be generally poor quality lenses sold cheaply to unthinking users and not well looked after. The amount of dust that seems to get in them (even one obviously unused) seems to smack of poor quality control at factory or the lens element being poorly sealed (or both).

Generally I have found the Jupiter range of lenses (3,8,9 only) better than the Industar lenses. The Industar 61 however seems to be a good lens, the ones I have seen in good condition and they are pretty cheap for a punt.

If the Jupiter 12 will work in the M mount module then everyone should have one. But "if" is the question otherwise it will be an ornament.

This is important for future Ricoh M module owners as the Russian lens source of smaller rangefinder designed lenses is not that vast otherwise.

The more reliable lens types are the M42 variety. For instance the Jupiter 9 in M42 seems a nicer lens than the J-9 in LTM and not much larger even with the bigger M42 adapter fitted.

However once you go M42 you are looking at made for slr lenses and these mostly are larger than made for rangefinder lenses. If you go made for slr then you can just as easily go Canon FD, PK mount or Nikon, Minolta, Olympus manual. If you go for a "good" M42 ex-Russia or Ukraine then there is not much saving over a similarly specified lens from a Japanese manufacturer source.

Of course you can be sensible and get LTM Zeiss, Leica, Canon, etc - but they are generally more expensive for obvious good reason it seems. One might wonder if they could actually cost more as you can buy new Voigtlander and Leica manual lenses and this defeats the scarcity part of the equation.

I just use them on a Samsung NX10 for the moment and its no bother to me even if I never get an M mount module.

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