Sgima SD1 46MP "effective pixels" ?

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Re: Sgima SD1 46MP "effective pixels" ?

Graystar wrote:

The pixel of a bitmapped image contains three pieces of RGB information. On an image created from a conventional sensor, two of those pieces are invented, whereas on a Foveon sensor all three are measured and recorded. That's why it's so much sharper.

I guess this conversation has to come up periodically, like a piece of bad piece of salami.

The Foveon sensor, contrary to kool-aid purveyors, does not measure RGB information. It measures the photons absorbed in three different layers of silicon. Only in cartoon-land do the three layers correspond to R,G and B. In fact, R, G and B is invented MORE for a Foveon sensor than R,G, B interpolation for a Bayer sensor, at least in my book. Besides the immense amount of processing required to generate a semblance of R,G and B for the Foveon pixel, the noise floor on the pixel is quite high due to not being able to do correlated double sampling with complete charge transfer. Not as important under bright light conditions, but ugly under low light.

Foveon x3 v. Bayer. I think the market has spoken. Still, can't argue with fanatics and besides, freedom of choice is a good thing.

Anyway, let's at least keep the facts straight while opining on the good, the bad and the ugly.

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