Dynamic Range: D5100/D7000

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re LR3/CS5


I was so surprised to find out that you had not had much exposure (pun) to Adobe Camera Raw. I think you are really going to appreciate the utility of the "Fill" slider, which you will happily find in "Develop" mode in LR, but I think, since you will also have ACR as part of the CS5 package, learn to use it right there in Camera Raw first. You can invoke ACR by double clicking on any shot or group of shots in Adobe Bridge.....I am going to bet that you will find Bridge/ACR/CS5 a more direct and robust combo than LR/CS5/LR

Zane's method above is my S.O.P. and just makes the whole process of figureing exposure quite direct, particlualrly when the dynamic range of a shot gets "wide" - and should be especially valid for the D7000 at low iso where you just have a lot to work with in a file that is exposed to preserve the highlights and where you will be pulling the shadows up quite a bit. The whole logic of shooting like this is EXACTLY what ADL is - only on steroids. When Nikon finally started putting that routine into Expeed, my reaction was - "Duh!" and also "its not stong enough".

Perhaps you will forgive me my flip "mountain out of a mole hill" response after you have used the fill slider for awhile



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