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Re: vote the price

Although I don't have a Sigma I always liked the idea of getting one but its 4 MP's output was too small. When the SD1 was announced I said to myself 15 MP's output... Now we talking. But Sigma must be crazy if they think I am going to buy one at almost $10,000.00 dollars for the body alone. It may be good, but is not that good like to ask more than a Canon 1Ds or Nikon D3x. Even at the same price is still way but way too overpriced.

A realistic price is a max of $3,000 for the body. Anything more is too much. And even at $3,000 I prefer to buy a Sony 850 (24Mp's) or a Canon 5D (21MPs) full-frame camera. Even a Canon 1Ds ($4,900 street price) is a steal compared to what Sigma is asking for the SD1 body.

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