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Re: vote the price

$3,500.00 body only. That's STILL 1,000 above a Canon 5DII. But if 2700 has you selling at a loss, then 3,500 it is.

4,800 isn't really doable because of the body limiations of the SD1. Yes, it's an advance over the SD15 but behind the curve of the competition. Kodak couldn't sell the Pro 14N at 5000 and settled at 3500, if I remember correctly. Well, maybe it was 4,000. But it certainly was not 5k.

KAF18500 wrote:

Realistically, vote a price here, loud and clear. Enough curses and rants, lets get down to business.

1. Is 9.700 acceptable if it comes bundled with 3 lens made specifically with SD-1 in mind?
2. USD 4.800 - body alone
3. Must be USD 2.700 - body alone.

Please keep in mind (3) would not be financially practical for Sigma, but it is your vote.

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