What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

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Re: What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

I am sick and tired of newspapers with huge circulation and profit and also music bands expecting to AND using my photos free off charge without my permission knowing it wouldn't be worth my time pursuing a claim against them. You give them a license for one off use and they keep using it. So sick of it that I have moved more towards doing video where they have to pay more and not as easy to be ripped off.

There should be an institution to ensure that photographers are protected but it seems "fair use" has overlooked photographers rights when it comes to the internet and media.

I know there was a rally in London over a similar thing a few months back.

bed bug wrote:

I just receive a request from a journalist today to use several of my images for a web article she was writing. When I said ok based on a licensing fee, she replied that they would not be purchasing any images.

The journal? Scientific America!!!

Thus what hope is there for a professional career in photography these days when well known journals do not wish to pay for images...



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