Time for OM-D(igital) is now

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Time for OM-D(igital) is now

It would be so cool if Olympus made modern OM mirrorless camera with following specs:

  • 12MP (or more) FF sensor like in D700/D3s/5Dmk2 or 4:3 aspect sensor with the height of 135.

  • Mirrorless with new mount so it fits m43, 43rds (in crop mode via adapter) and host of other FF lenses via an adapter.

  • weather sealed

  • built in large EVF with advanced focus confirmation drawing the lines around the parts of the image which is in focus (shouldn't be hard for modern processor to figure out what's in focus and apply markings)

  • high end weather sealed lenses to go with it

  • weight under 0.5kg

It would be a great high-end product with ultimate flexibility and ability to use existing lens lineup, as well as offering current m43 users high-end upgrade path to larger format camera while still maintaining some use of their lenses.

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