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JLK wrote:

The discussion around this camera from Sigma indicated that the price would be competitive with other APS-C cameras (the '7D' quote). Without any real information on their manufacturing costs, I'm skeptical that they didn't have good idea about sensor costs (yield) before this. In fact, I'd bet that the sensor was already done. So I'm basing my assumptions on this camera costing them no more than $1500 to manufacture.

The 7D's street price is $1700 or so. My instinct would be to place the price of the SD1 at or near that price: so say in the $1700 - $2000 range. Compete with the crop cameras on their own terms. And without having shot the SD1, I'd guess the following:

Features (live view, video, etc): other cameras
FPS: relatively even
buffer: other cameras.
IQ: not even close---the SD1 trounces.

The uniqueness of the sensor is what I love about the camera, but Sigma needs marketshare and mindshare. Their 'extra sauce' comes from the Foveon sensor. Stripping that out of the camera, you have a camera that competes in the mid pack of the APS-C dSLR market. Add the sensor, and the IQ can compete with the low end of MF cameras. Sell it for the APS-C market, and actually sell more than a few hundred cameras.

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Exactly, Jim. Well put. I hope you write Sigma (I have FWIW).

I had anticipated up to $2000-$2500 and am okay with that (the lower the better of course). I was also planning on buying more lenses, probably primes, first the 88mm EX then the new 50-150mm OS (or 150mm EX prime).

Profit for Sigma comes from selling lenses IMHO. Gain market share and mind share with the camera: sell lenses.
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