Saying goodbye to D80 ... (a few images, C&C welcome))

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@drifit Re: D80 is a crap

drifit wrote:

caught your attention??

those photos are great. D80 has been served you good for those years.
will we keep seeing fabulous photos from your D7k in future?

one more thing, is your elder daughter learning from you well?

Well, thanks for the kind words, that only time will tell, but I can't see the camera getting in my way, for good or bad, it's up to me to do it. I'm really oblivious of using the D7k or D80 at shooting, they are about the same, except for spotmetering calibration (surprisingly).

But read my reply to Omaha re settings. I still need to work my ways re in-camera settings and how CNX2 responds to them to be sure the D7k does what I want it to do. I'm still working from Standard, Neutral (mostly now) or Portrait modes, depending on shot, but no tweaking yet. Neutral is too soft for most images, Standard is too harsh for my tastes, so I'll probably teak one of them and use it as the default, with fine adjustments when converting.

The basic routine is similar, but I have already found the files a bit different, mostly better with D7k, if anything. But color is trickier, I'll have to work a little more to get the feeling how the D7k works in that regard, compared to the D80.

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