Saying goodbye to D80 ... (a few images, C&C welcome))

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@omaha: settings for D80 and why CNX2

omaha wrote:

minimal? really? if i had the same luck with my d80 i probably would have gotten more mileage out of it. well, i'm quite contented with my d7k now.
beautiful pictures. i like the second one especially. thanks for sharing.

As I posted, except for the one inside the Riquewihr tower, very dark and with backlight (I wanted to preserve the details outside), the other were not PP too much. Maybe the first one also had some PPing (local contrast adjustment in flowers on left with U-point tool), but others were basically ooc.

For the D80, I used all neutral/standard except for TONE (contrast), which I set to medium low in-camera, and color space to Ic, which gives slightly better results than IIIc on the D80, less saturated (still need to check that for D7k).

I then import all those settings to CNX2, which has the advantage of keeping those settings, unlike other PP softs like LR, PS, etc.

For example, the fountain shot and the one below I didn't even do any exposure comp, it's exactly as shot. Actually, the yellow tent is blown a bit (RED), but I left it like that.

On the others I did a small or no exp comp, with small or no HLs/LLs recovery applied, just to adjust histogram to what I find is optimal in each case, usually very fast, at most 1 minute per image, then reduction and my standard sharpening for internet posting (USM=(30,1,0)), to recover detail lost due to pixel merging, no local or other adjustments, that usually messes up with color balance.

I still haven't developed my D7k routine, it'll be similar with some adptation.

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