What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

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Re: What hope is there for the modern professional photographer...

How exactly were you bitten? It's not like she's using the image without paying; she simply asked if she could could use the image and then wasn't willing to pay for it. If she did use it without permission, I could see how you were bitten but, as you mentioned before, you probably could demand payment.

Should she have known better than to ask to use your images without being willing to pay? Probably, but it depends on the forum and method in which she found your images. Do you have a legitimate grievance? Does a woodworker have a grievance when someone asks the price of a piece, is shocked to find it is 50 times more expensive than a similar looking (but in no way similar quality) mass produced piece, and politely leaves?

The problem isn't really with her, the problem is that a replacement image could be found for no cost. The value to her over replacement isn't worth the cost over replacement, so the only reason she would want to license the image would be general goodwill among media creators.

The hope for the modern professional photographer, then, is either through creating significant value over what is available elsewhere or convincing their clientele that such value already exists. It can be a hard sell, but eventually enough people buy it that craftsmen can carve out a niche.

bed bug wrote:

No she is a free lance journalist writing for Scientific America; they do nothing for free yet expect images for free! In my opinion, free lance journalists are on par with used car salesmen (I have been bitten before by them).

Kind regards

RGBCMYK wrote:

I might have inquired if she was writing pro bono too. It could be she had a budget and wasn't willing to use any of it for images? I might mention that as a photographer you produced and provided media content and by asking for the content for free it is a slippery slope for all providers of media content.

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