The Wedge Friday May 20th, 2011

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The Wedge Friday May 20th, 2011

The Wedge is a special surfing spot located in Southern California. It is a small stretch of beach next to the northern jetty at the entrance of Newport Harbor.

When storms in the Southern Hemisphere send waves at just the correct angle, the Wedge breaks BIG. Twenty feet and more. Last Friday, May 20th. was such a day and I was there.
Google "The Wedge" for more information.

Photo #1 My gear...

To capture the action I used this gear.

Gitzo GT3531...Really Right Stuff BH55 with quick release plate, Wimberly Sidekick which when combined with a ballhead gives you a gimbal-type head, Canon 1D MKIII, 300mm f/2.8 IS and Canon 1.4x teleconverter.

What can I say except this combination is incredible, just get everything in balance, set the correct tensions and your camera and lens become weightless. The slightest touch is all you need to move the camera and lens and everything stays where you want.
Shooting these picture was easy using this setup.

For a few of the wider shots I used my second MKII and a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS VerII.

Photo #2 Sunrise and the Orange Bogie Board.

My wife did not understand why I needed to leave so early, this picture explains. It is about the light. Taken at sunrise.

Photo #3 Start Of The Ride.

These surfers are about 5'8' to 6', you do the math and figure the height of this typical break.
Some rides start off smooth...

Photo #4 Hard Landing
... and end hard.

Photo #5 Only Pros Allowed

The jetty makes for some spectacular pictures. It looks dangerous and it is. These surfers are only yards away and unfortunately there have been fatalities. Only Pros enter the water when the Wedge breaks "BIG"

Photo #6 When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes your ride starts great...

Photo #7 ...and starts to go from bad...

Photo #8 ... to worse.

Loose Boogie boards can hurt when you get hit by one. Fiberglass surfboards with three fins and a pointed tip can really injure someone. These guys follow some kind of protocol that usually means only one surfer rides the wave. Probably a very good idea.

Photo #9 The One and Only Kneeboard.

This one is for you Bob...

Photo #10 The Only Lady

Maybe women just know when to say "Forget It, Dud"

Photo #11 What is that...

Somebody is headed the other way.

Photo #12 My Favorite

With motorcycles, bicycles and skateboards, this is call "Big Air", not sure what surfers say.

Hope you enjoyed the show, please leave comments so I can do better next time the "Wedge Breaks Big"


P.S. thanks Joel, the camera has been wonderfull.

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Newbie, having fun.

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