D300s+Nikon AF 80-400 locking in f32 or f22

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Re: D300s+Nikon AF 80-400 locking in f32 or f22

I would love a 500mm, but can't ever afford one.

The 200-400 is a fabulous lens. Would be difficult because of weight for sports and it is very expensive.
We have been waiting years for that replacement for the 80-400 VR.
So that is why we still use it. Price is the factor.

Mike Macatee uses the 300 2.8 shooting sports, and in my view the best sports shooter. The 300 2.8 can be found for about 3500 used. Still very expensive.
I am not sure about the Sigma lenses . Might see if you can try a few.

50-500. 150-500..I was not impressed. But really did not have time to test it right.

I sure feel your frustration with the 80-400, have been fighting with it for about 6 years or so.

You can check my gallerys for images of birds and birds in flight with that lens. I have gotten some really good shots and have missed a ton of them also.

The 300 F4 with a 1.4 tele might be your solution. You can hand hold it very well with good technique and practice.
That is a fabulous lens. Think every bag should have one.
Can buy used for reasonable..Waiting game to find a good price:> )))))
Can find for 800 up...

If lucky and have a really good friend with one you might get it less. I got one for 650.
Nikon Gal
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