HELP - New GH2 user and so far have had frustrations on the technical side

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HELP - New GH2 user and so far have had frustrations on the technical side

Hello all,

A long-time lurker but first time poster. So I was able to secure a Panny GH2 w/ the 14-140mm lens yesterday and a 8gb SD 10x card. The sales guy was super helpful and walked me through how the entire unit worked but it was a whirlwind of information so I've forgotten a lot.

For reference, my last camera was a Nikon D70 which has actually served me quite well over the years. I have a 2007 15" 2.2 Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (4gb of ram) and Adobe CS3.

So here's my dilemma (there are a few):

1) After reading here that the preferred way to shoot is Raw, I found that Adobe Camera Raw Plug-In does not support rw2. I know there was included software but it was different enough that I was frustrating navigating it and couldn't figure out how it works. Am I screwed here and will I be forced to by the new CS5? And if so what version (I can get a teacher edition).

2) How do i get 1080P 24fps? Is tat the Camera M setting set to cinema and 24fps? Is there a tutorial as to how to understand the movie functionality of the camera as I'm entirely new to video (never owned a camcorder).

3) My computer doesn't recognize the mts. files either...sigh. What are my options here? I heard of something called clipwrap? I heard maybe final cut express may support it? How can I view the files on my computer let alone start editing. And once I'm editing what program should I be using (iMovie? Premier? Final Cut Pro Express?)

4) Do I need a new USB memory card adapter (bought it like 5 years ago)? It has an SD slot but never seemed to read the SD HC card I bought....

5) when I've used the flash on auto settings indoors the flash came off very blue...what's going on here?

6) Is my computer too outdated to do any sort of video editing for HD video? If so what sort of specs should I be thinking of on the mac side? What sort of software? What sort of external hdd and port connection? How are you getting your stuff onto a playable format if you are mac users as there is no blu-ray support.

Its amazing how much tech has changed over the last 4 years but after shelling out $1500 for a camera, I'm frustrated I can't even ascertain if I'm liking it as I can't see any photos or video and the blue-tone thing is hard to understand. It's even more frustrating that I may need to spend hundreds of dollars on software and thousands on hardware but I need some guidance if these are my only options.

HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED as I just don't know where to even start here.

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