35mm f2 AF VS. 35mm f2 MF

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Re: 35mm 1.4 AIS going up in price.

Sorry to disagree

@1.4 it is not very usable unless as special artistic effects.

I have the AIS 35/2, liked it and stopped using it for years in favour of the 28/2 AId and then AIS. Then got a 35/1.4 and it works very well. At F2.0 the 1.4 has much less issues and by 2.8 it is always good. At 4.0 it starts to shine and at F8 it peaks (under DX). Colours are very good. Shadows are not harsh. The lens has veil especially when wide open and its in-focus zone is sort of curved. Good for scenary and close-ish shorts. Wonderful colours. With the AIS 28/2.0 at F8.0 you can still see drastic differences between middle of frame and edge of frame (in DX). With the 35/2, it is much worse.

Nowadays cameras are revealing a lot and if you are picky, the 35/1.4 is good. I would want it to have less veil and less curvature and I'd like the edge to be as good as the centre.

The 25-50mm AIS is not bad @35mm with it's huge front element but the shadows are harsh (due to too many glass elements and non-low light design??) and there are silly artifects in out of focus areas.

Boris wrote:

I think 35f2 is the better lens unless you need speed....the 35f1.4 is a chunk of glass though.

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