A sad weekend for photography....

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A sad weekend for photography....

As you know I started shooting weddingshooters a few years afo and after some misses I managed to get them all at my work (and I mean ALL) since the beginning of 2009.

However this weekend (or rather yesterday) my continuous seeries has been broken... Not that I wan't there, not that I di not manage any shots, not even that they had no official photographer.
No nothing like that at all. It is just...

well How to put it...

The pro arrived and he saw e with my camera "I see you have a camera aswell, I want no flashes, I dont want to be bothered with you"

Fair enough, it is his job after all and I know flashes can be annoying. but I know I can manage a few shots without bohering him...
Just the way he said it was somewhat annoying.

So I tok some shots and yeah, they were nice, then a last one, not very good but I got my nice ones so I couldn't be bothered.

Then I was approached by the best man "ehh could you stop that? the pro syas you are bothering him!!".

What the ^%%$!!!!

So even though I managed to get a few nice shots this ...(.. a lot of words that would get me banned for sure)... of a "pho-to-gra-pher" does not deserve to be in my gallery of good mediocre and even bad but practically always friendly and enthousiastic pro's.....

This morning a nice wedding but no official pro....

and in the afternoon a weding which made me ab-so-lu-te-ly MAD
Started of nice enough, another friendly pro....
a bit "hard"light but fortunately I am not the pro so I did not mind

so the wedding started... ge that takes long, too long actually but fortunately no wedding after this one or we'd be in trouble.

after the wedding the guests went outside to form rows of people to sent them off.. You know what I mean I think. Yep, no rice allowd etc etc, nor balloons (they tend to tie themselves up in the trees and yes, who has to climb in the trees to release a bird that got entangled?? I think we have to add more restrictions.

Now before I continue I should tell you it has been dry, really dry in our region.
Code red for forests....
Hmm they handed out sticksto the guests..
Ho hey what ^&%^%^&5 is happening!!!!

They weren't normal sticks, they were sparkling sticksm big ones!! not with a metal thread but a wooden core... I was.... wel it must be in my top two of angry moments in 13 years of work, so mad I did not even take a pic of it (actually I did think of it but I thought that would give the impression that I liked it) so I asked whowas resposible... "oh him overhere" and when I looked I saw someone throwing the stick on the ground.

  • "hey...YOU what teh ^%^%$^do you think you are doing"*

"Calm down, nobody calls me "hey you" "

" I do call anybody "hey you" if they are stupid enough to light big sparkling sticks in the woods when it is this dry and throws litter on the ground".
Then I noticed that burnng debris burned our € 300,00 dollar red carpet....

Nope, I did not make many friends today. And with all my swearing I doubt if I would have made the grade if today really was judgement day.

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