the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............

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Re: Comparative links?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Kabe Luna wrote:

because the ones currently there certainly don't. They are not bad, mind you, in terms of detail. Just not better than can be achieved using any far less expensive and more versatile full frame camera already on the market.

I would love to see the links that say that, because I have trouble finding full-size image links from other cameras.

Never tried looking at camera review samples on Dpreview? Most have a link you can click to give you the full sized image.

You had complained in one post about the corners being a little unsharp in some of the landscapes - that's true for the non-prime shots, but we have to remember the problem will be generally worse for any FF DSLR. So can you show me a link to a full-size FF DSLR image that has corners just as sharp as the center of the image?

That will depend entirely on the lens used.

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