the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............

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same old, same old

Sigma have been saying this for how long? Very long.

the Foveon concept sounds truly great.

however Sigma have limited means, and so seem unbearably slow at producing bodies based on these sensors, and seem unbearably behind the curve for the imbage processing chain bit

as a result, Sigma end up so far behind that classical sensors coupled to good image processing chains, outperform Sigma by a large margin. And that's before one mentions other factors of camera performance such as ease-of-use, fast operations - where Sigma get routinely so massively outperformed that it's ridiculous.

for a long time Sigma were using the what was it, 4mp odd x info on 3 fundamental colours, and classical competitors started at 6 or 8pm and went on to 16 or 18mp for mainstream. And Sigma looked bad.

no Sigma have more MPs but it's likely the upcoming new generation of FX bodies will have what, easily 40mp or more (the previous having peaked at 25mp), and so once more, they will massively outperform Sigma. Both on IQ, and on general performance.

AND, Sigma are pricing very high. For the same price you can get a Nikon D3x which likely outperforms the Sigma by a margin on all dimensions. And pretty soon things like the "D800", or the 5D3, will also outperform it by a margin - and a for a good deal less money.

it's kind of sad though, because the Foveon concept has its appeal. Maybe Sigma could try to license it to a Canon or Nikon?

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