the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............

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Re: link: sample gallery

SandyF wrote:

for the record,
a direct link into the sample gallery at the Sigma website

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

Thanks for the heads up Sandy. Sadly the link you posted did'nt work on my end but I did a search and found the relevant gallery anyway.

Knowing how good Carls photos can be I have to say that Carls SD1 sample photos were supprisingly poor samples period.

This is probably because the 120-300 he used is clearly not sharp enough for the SD1's sensor. He also did'nt use enough sharpening. I can confirm this because one click of sharpening in Irfanview made them look a lot more natural.

And the ones by Bill Sullivan were even worse. Bill used far too wide an aperture in both portraits and as a result most of the models faces are out of focus, including the most important part of any portrait...their eyes!

Very poor samples to be using for advertising purposes, especially for a camera with a lucacrously sky high price tag...This is adding insult to injury for Sigma.

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