Sigma SD1 priced at $9700? Really?

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Re: Street Price will be $6600 or so

Habemus_Canon wrote:

[...] you can expect the actual street price to be at or lower than _$6600_. That's a decent price point.

Looks like the marketing has already won. Only a few hours after the price announcement (at 10k $) and somebody already considers that 6k would be a decent figure to pay for the SD1.

The sad part: as long as there is a merjet for Leica rebranded Panasonics at a hefty price increase (or enough feeble minds to buy X100s off eBay at double the official price), the SD1 will sell in enough quantity so as their marketing dept. won't be fired.

IMO, it will be just as the D3X has been accepted even if slowed down vs. a D3, and just a sensor change but 3000$ more, to boost the egos of the freudian complex disturbed people. The questin is: will YOU be one of those people that act as enablers for the shoddy characters in marketing?

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