the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............

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Re: the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............


"When Sony come out with their 24MP APS-C camera, it will have an instant rival. "

maybe not -

maybe they have seen the images form the new sony sensor and think they
have it beat

Of course they have it beat, and they know it...The SD1 sensor has approximately the same resolution as a 30mp Bayer sensor, and the Sony is only 24mp.

If Sigma had pitched the SD1 at a sensible price it would have been a no brainer...The SD1 would have been the one to get, without question.

Unbelievably though, Sigma did'nt, so now the choice is still a no brainer, except now your choice will be any DSLR other than the SD1!
Looks like I'll be getting a Canon 5D MkIII instead of a SD1 after all.

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