D200 vs D5100

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Re: D200 vs D5100

toomanycanons wrote:

So, Cytokine, according to your chart the D7000/D5100 are next to last in ability to reproduce accurate colors. And the D200 is first. Are you sure LOWER isn't better than HIGHER?

Unfortunately No! but like many of the scores at DXO, its difficult to put them into perspective, for example what difference does a few points make. I don't think that these scores are taken into account in giving the overall DXO rating so not taken too seriously. There are several ways of interpreting the information.

Looking at the scores in a superficial way would be that CCD is easier to configure than CMOS. And that D2xs and D300 and D700 had allot of fine tuning put into the configuration. Or it could reflect the technology approach taken by similar cameras, if you look at all the new cameras they are all grouped together.

There are some colours that all Digital cameras cant produce and the top cameras here could reflect Nikon attempting to match these. Nikon have probably found a new Colour approach that is less precise in the top few percent, but does the main colours better. Because the D3000 beating the D3x!!!. The D3 and D3X have so many off chip circuits dedicated to colour that they cant fit in the smaller body of the D700.

One other possible conclusion is a trade off between high ISO noise reduction and a few points in colour accuracy. Click on this link and click color response tab.


I think Thom is the only person who could explain these scores outside of Nikon.


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