the SD1 will offer "unrivaled " image quality............

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Re: even then............

Let's remember Sigma makes money on lens sales. If the SD1 camera were priced lower (properly so, in my view) they'd have say 100 customers buying the camera ... AND lenses. New SA mount users would buy SD1 + lenses. Current SA mount users would buy SD1 + better lenses...

Instead sell 1 camera (okay maybe 10) to a pro user versus 100 and lenses to pros and prosumers.

Again in theory and in practice, the camera is more a loss leader, like what a store may advertise on "sale." People come for the sale, and buy many other items, not on sale. That's where merchandizing makes profit!

I've spent far more on lenses from Sigma over the years than on camera bodies... and I bought SD10 and SD14 at "full" prices. And I was planning on buying additional lenses... OS and primes. Now I'll hold off...

I really think the marketing (price point) is wrong.... looking at it from Sigma's profit and success point-of-view as well as a (now not) eager buyer of the SD1.

I don't think even the 'pro's' will want a camera starting that $9700 that might be down-priced radically in future years (ie I'll wait 'til the 75% off sale). It really makes the pro buying it look like a laughingstock... no matter HOW good the image quality is, which I do expect to be super. Sigma really had a chance to impact the market with the SD1. At this price point, I don't think they will.
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