knock off hood and adaptor x100

Started May 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
sparkie Contributing Member • Posts: 664
Re: This is by far the best way to add a filter to the X100

slerman wrote:

Just keep in mind that the vented hood listings on ebay will come and go. The one I got is a Zykkor 49mm vented hood. There are some others now that look the same--not sure if that's so, but here's one for $8.49 and free shipping.

Oh, a 49mm lens cap works fine if it is accented pinch type, or a 58mm fits perfectly at the end of the Zykkor hood.

hi slerman, do/can you fit a uv filter to your set-up?

also do you know if your zykkor hood is the same diameter and length as fuji's hood or smaller/bigger? thanks

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