What's with people and noise on photos?

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Re: Canon should produce a D3s competitor.

gdanmitchell wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Keith Reeder wrote:

The "noise" you read on here about Canon's so-called noise failings are from the same few people all the time - and it is often the case that the "problem" comes from their conversion and processing decisions rather than any inherent shortcomings of the files coming off the camera.

Talk about a made-up fact. Where are you on a near daily basis when someone new discovers this low ISO issue and posts a new thread. I do not have to read about the noise, I can produce it at will. You might want to try it. Personally, I don't have an issue with the issue because I bracket like crazy and usually come away with something I can work with but I would think if you got out of your bedroom and used your camera in high DR conditions, you might find an instance or two where a critical image or part of a critical image got too dark and the recovery produced nasty pattern noise.

I'm with Keith on this one.

A good percentage of the new threads (which are not, speaking of "made up facts," started on a "near daily basis") are from people asking if this is a problem, or reporting that they have heard that there is a problem and wondering about it, or posting a sample of something else and attributing it to "5D2 noise banding." Very quickly the usual suspects jump in and post the same old stuff, often with the same ginned-up "example" files. (Anyone who thinks I'm making this up is free to go back through those threads, many of which I've seen, and take a look for themselves - no need to believe any one of us posting here since you can see the evidence for yourself.)

I've followed the infamous "noise banding" threads for months (longer?) around here. As a matter of fact, the number of serial posters (who post scores or possibly hundreds of messages in some cases?) regarding this supposed problem is quite limited. For a while there was one particular person who was probably posting at least 10% of the total messages on the subject, many of which (oddly, like your message) impugned the photographic skills of those who disagreed and often suggested that if they made real photographs that they would encounter the so-called problem. The personal attacks are among the reasons that quite a few of us who think the "noise banding" business is over the top mostly just walked away from this stuff.

Here's the ugly thing about online forums. Keith Reeder & Redfox88 attack me personally for a legitimate opinion I hold, I push back, and you come in to claim I am the one taking personal shots. But basically you are opportunistically grinding your own axe against me since we have clashed before. It is classic forum behavior against someone whose ideas are a bit different from the herd's. All you or the other two had to do was voice your own opinions on the issue without dragging me into your fanboi hysteria.

For the record, I "get out of my bedroom" and "use my camera in high DR conditions."

Well then, IMO, you should know the noise is there and why you are denying it only you know. You should also know by now that sometimes an under-exposure (as well as an over-exposure) is unavoidable but the shot may be important enough to try to save. Fortunately, I can recognize a limitation and still work with the tool without feeling my manhood being challenged. That's why I use two different brands (maybe more to come) - to access the strengths of each system and avoid the weaknesses. The complainers should try it. It's really not that expensive considering lost opportunity. The fanbois should stick with what makes them happy. Everybody gets along.


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