NYC RAW - X100 Street Photography

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RJPeter wrote:

tedolf wrote:

I am not answering for manogarm but from my perspective this has nothing to do with fanboyism. No one here said anything about u 4/3 cameras and that is the point.

Nevertheless, all this is moot now that the OP has posted his brilliant and detailed comparison of the X100 and the GF1.

All is forgiven and he is welcomed back into the fold.

Can't we all just get along now?


Minister of Peace

I'm quite happy to lead a peaceful life. I know where you were coming from, but I think you are just being too picky.

Allow a bit more latitude. I saw the OPs photos as being quite relevent here and so did many others. In my mind he never left the fold.

Please calm down and go with the flow, there are far more important problems in the world.

Calm down and go with the flow?

What are you, some sort of subversive?


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