D200 vs D5100

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Re: D200 vs D5100

Anybody who owns a D200 care to comment on its CCD images vs the D5100's CMOS images? I see D200's come up all the time on my local Craigslist, some "lightly used", is there any reason I'd want one around just to have it? Under what scenarios would I break out the D200 and leave a D5100 at home?

Firstly compare the two bodies, The D200 has ergonomics that set the bench mark in its category. The controls and functions are where you need them, when you need them. it is to my mind as small as a serious camera can get and still balance long lenses etc. You pick it up and you feel inspired.

Some people including me (and Leica), consider CCD images have an aesthetic quality that CMOS can't yet match. And Ironically Nikon CCD's implementation of CCD was especially good. The D2x was Nikon's first CMOS camera and it used a dual channel sensor with colour pre-conditioning prior to digital conversion. This allowed the colours to be tweaked easily and the camera became a bench mark for colour. Then they released the D200 which also had a dual channel chip with better colour hardware (The only dual channel CCD sensor ever made) which gave the D200 the benefits of CCD and the speed of CMOS = 5fps still good in 2011 . These four independent Analogue Digital converters and Nikon magic produced a camera that some feel is exceptionally good at producing pictures with something intangible that they don't see in the D300 which was a cmos with AD conversion on chip so analogue preconditioning was not possible. (The D300 can also produce accurate and very good images but requires lots more post processing. (D200 pictures usually just require a little sharpening).

But the D200 has no video, its a base (100) ISO camera than can be pushed too 400 and 800, its a camera that is best with Raw. It is a very good camera to learn photography with. No idiot modes, nor any half baked Nikon technology to cause confusion. Its not a family do everything and put it in your pocket camera. But if you want to do serious photography have a natural eye for colour (many people don't). Then for the current price it should be on your list, especially if you are on a budget. Lets reverse the question do I feel disadvantaged with my D200 compared to the latest offerings = A big no.


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