Any Canon P&S as a dedicated camcorder?

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Re: SX30

Both models only offer 720p (and 24 fps I believe) so right out of the gate, they are inferior to any good dedicated camcorder on the market. You can't adjust the shutter speed on either of those cams for video either (though you can on the FZ100). Again, the FZ100 is the only P&S, to my knowledge, that really has a chance of replacing a dedicated camcorder.

Then there is the matter of sound as well. While dedicated camcorders certainly don't have great on-board sound, it is far better than what you get from these P&S cams.

As I said in my previous post though, if you're willing to lose out on some quality and features in the interest of portability, video for some of these P&S cams is excellent. Both Sony and Panasonic do far better with video than Canon though.

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